Saturday, 20 October 2007

Breaking the Rules

Breaking the Rules is Summer Jordan's next release in her Wives-R-Us series.

The concept for the cover was pretty straight forward. The character has dark curly hair and blue eyes so all I had to do here was change her eye colour. The houses were a good find and seemed to fit the storyline well. The card is a carry-on from the previous cover and ties the series together. So there it is - a pretty simple, yet effective cover :D

Got a few minutes spare? Go check out Dionne Galace's recent interview with incredibly talented Cover Artists - April Martinez, Anne Cain, Frauke of Croco Designs & Christine Griffin.

Dionne also asked other cover artists to send in a sample of their work which I did. I got a great & might I add VERY quick response. So it seems that I may just be part of Bam's Friday Showcase! I was asked for a quick rundown on the cover that I sent over. I'm ot very good at that sort of thing, BUT I sent off a little blurb so we'll see whether I look like a right git once it hit's the ether LOL.

Got some more covers coming so better get back to them.