Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Cover Award!

Woohoo!! What a start to '09!

I'm very excited to announce that Conjuring Cal won the Best Ebook Cover in the Fantasy/Futuristic/Off World Erotic Ebook Cover category of the Night Owl Romance Awards 2008.

Yay Cal!!

I must say it's a thrill to see a cover acknowledged. There's a lot of blood, sweat and tears that go into a cover, although sometimes it may not appear so. I've always felt that Cover artists hold the Bridesmaid roll in the publishing industry. It's our job to make the Author stand out amongst the crowd by providing them with the most eyecatching cover we can.

Many Authors can rely on their name alone to sell books but for the remainder the cover can be their greatest asset. It is what catches the readers eye. Piques their interest enough to pick up the book and read the blurb on the back (or in this electronic age, click on the cover to read an excerpt).

If we can achieve that then we've done our job. The rest is up to the Author.

Sunday, 4 January 2009


Hooray!! 2009 is upon us. I thought 2008 would never end. What a crappy year that was. BUT a new year means a new start and I'm all for new starts.

So to wrap up 2008 and move into 2009 I'm going to load up the final covers from 2008.

So my computer is on it's last legs. I think it may have a bug in it somewhere. I don't know. It's just SOOOOOOO slow these days. I know I need to get a new hard drive as mine is VERY small apparently. Still I don't think this should be affecting my working speed. Again. I don't know. All I do know is that people can seem to run a plethora of programmes at once and I'm lucky to run Photoshop and Outlook without the thing grinding to a halt.

I have the option to upgrade it (again) but I'm thinking it might be time to replace this old beast. I'm also considering changing over to an Apple Mac. I believe I can run my PC programmes on a MAC with a bridge programme. I'll have to suss this out with my Computer guy first though. I hope I can do that. I can't afford to be buying Creative Suite again!