Monday, 19 May 2008

Day at the Races

Not a lot to report I'm afraid. Been sick with a cold this last week. Feeling pretty crappy but well enough to do what's required of me.

Went to the local Races yesterday. They had a family day. I've never been to the races before. It's not an industry that I particularly like. I tend to get a bit annoyed when the jockeys start whipping the horses and have been known to grumble something along the lines of 'put that damn whip where the sun don't shine'. And that's to put it mildly.

However, I must say that I quite enjoyed myself despite having to stand in line for 40 minutes to get the kids faces painted. It's been a while since I've been up close to those gorgeous creatures. The horses, not the kids.

I'd forgotten how damn big they get and watching a 17 hand thoroughbred full of beans head out onto the track certainly makes you take a step back from the fence. Especially when they're only 1 foot away from you LOL!.

I took some photo's to try out my new little happy-snap camera that I got myself. I couldn't work out how to find the fast speed setting so most of the 'action' shots came out a bit blurry. But then my talents don't lie so much in photography. I'll let you decide:


(oops .. too slow LOL!)

(not so bad if you're in an Arty frame of mind)

Oh, and I fell in love ...

(with the horse, not the rider. Sheesh!)

So yeah. We had a good day, despite the wind and the kids LOL! Nah, the kidlets were pretty well behaved and both slept through to well past 8am this morning. So I'll say we'll be going to the races on a regular basis LOL.

Oh and I'm a happy fan-girl today. I got a lovely signed photograph of Rhys Bobridge in the mail. *sigh* Oh he's a gorgeous boy! And a big thank you to Rhys' mum who organised that for the KBC girls. He's now got pride of place next to Johnny, right above my computer. This is where I work from in case anyone is interested :D

I've booked my flights to Melbourne to see the SYTYCD show. Accommodation is booked and we're in discussions as to what else we are going to get up to. Chapel Street was mentioned which I believe is a bit of a mecca for shoppers. I'm not much of a shopper so let's see if I'm impressed.