Tuesday, 6 July 2010

July Cover Update

School holidays are once again upon us here in AUS. I have a HEAP of covers to get started on but it's hard to concentrate with the kiddies playing (or trying to kill each other. Honestly. It's one or the other. No in-between in this family).

We're also looking around for properties. We've been doing quite a bit of driving around, looking at areas that we think might suit us. Of course, what Hubby likes, I don't and visa-versa. I guess house hunting was never meant to be easy. I think I've found a nice area but will have to do a few more drives around to see if it's going to work for us. Then we'll have to wait to see if a property becomes available in that area LOL!

Anyway :D Here are some of the latest covers I've been working on - coming soon to TEB & LSB.

**Well it's been a good hour since I started this blog. They've gone and fixed something that wasn't broke and as usual, made it harder to use. I've switched back to the OLD editor because the new one is NOT user friendly. Hopefully now I'll get this done and be able to go to bed!!**

A Madam into a Mistress. It's been a while since I've done a lobotomy on a a cover. The character called for a blond male with longish hair. I couldn't be bothered turning Jimmy into said character so I just swapped his head with another model. Voila!

Ravishing Sara. Love this cover! It came together surprisingly easily.

Relentless is book 2 in the Southwestern Shifters series. Typical use of textures and masks to pull this cover together.

Schism. The cover was pretty straight forward. Tried to incorporate the Native American Indian feel in there while keeping it a contemporary.

The Lieutenant's Ex Wife. Love the colours in this cover. As the storyline involved a Computer Chip I thought I'd add a texture of said Chip.

Temptation is very basic. Actually, you'd be interested to know that I used the woman from Temptation's hair in The Lieutenant's Ex Wife. The model originally had short hair.

His Perfect Partner was originally more blue/purple until an author complained that it looked too much like their cover on the Coming Soon page. If they'd have been next to each other I could possibly agree but they weren't. HOWEVER, I happily changed the colour to a gold hue and all was well.

And last but not least Chasing Butterflies by Cat Kane is a Liquid Silver Books cover. I enjoyed this cover and the use of textures and brushes.