Friday, 21 May 2010

Latest Update May 2010

I know I know.. It's been a while :D Been busy working covers, learning how to use my camera, growing some veggies and being Mum.

Here are my latest Coming Soon/Released covers (although by now I'm sure they're mostly released LOL!)

Sinfully Decadent and Reasonable Doubt. Both relatively simple Contemporary covers involving masks, blending and textures.

These two books are for Liquid Silver. It was difficult trying to make Divine Intervention look sexy whilst giving it a Political feel LOL! Love Charlotte's Younger Man. Had a bit of fun with that one, giving the guy a more modern hair-style and playing with the Egyptian textures :D

Thai'ing the Knot is another in a Series by Sedonia Guillone. The cool tattoo was thanks to the very talented Alizel over at DA :D A Subtle Breeze had a paranormal element to it (ghost of dead mother). It kinda worked with her blowing 'magic' dust over her son :D Surprisingly it fitted with the title too.

Forgotten Family is 2nd in a Menage series by Brynn Paulin. I have to admit that I find Menage covers a bit of a chore. Probably because there's so much work involved in them. The theme follows on from book 1 :D

The Perfect Union. I had to create the celtic triad in Photoshop for this one. So I'm rather proud of this cover. There was a lot to fit in but I think it balances out nicely.

Bound by Moonlight is 2nd in teh Exotic Wolves series that I have done, again mostly masks and textures. Mirror Image is another cover for Liquid Silver. I enjoyed the Sci-Fi Theme for this one.

Rescued is pretty straight forward. Masks, blending and textures.
What's your pleasure is 2nd book in the Pleasure series. I really like the simplicity of this cover. And just in case your wondering, that is supposed to be a burn scar on her back. It was an interesting time trying to get something that looked relatively real.

Deadly Obsession and Taking the Chance. Two more contemporaries. Pretty straight forward really.

Healing Hands, probably my favourite cover here. Love the fantasy element to this cover. It all came together quite easily. Ride 'em Again Cowboy is 2nd in the series. I kept the same theme as it was about the same characters.

Just for something different I have created a couple of covers for a few 'Cover Artist' challenges. They are available to purchase should anyone like the look of them. Titles and names, etc can be changed of course :D I'll hopefully be doing more of these in the future, incorporating some different Genres as well.

Contemporary Fiction Thriller/Murder Mystery