Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Spring, Cats and Covers

Well Spring has sprung here, Down Under. It's amazing how one day everything is dull and lifeless, and the next 'BAM' there are green buds on trees, plants seem to take on a life of their own and the grass gets it's groove on. I must admit it's been nice not having to mow every few days through the Winter months. But, Summer is on it's way and no doubt hubby and I will be sweating our butts off keeping the paddocks and yard under some semblance of control VERY soon :D

Mumma Plover has made a nest in the paddock right near the house yard. Every time we walk out the back door her and hubby start up their squawking. They've got the kids terrified LOL! Actually, it's kinda funny. My son takes great pains to irritate 'Sir Richard' the Rooster by running up and down the fence and getting Richard to chase him. Yet, he's afraid of the Plovers swooping him :D Personally, I'd be leaving the Rooster alone ;)

My lovely old cat, Cooch is getting on now. He's 12 years and has been diagnosed with Diabetes. So I'm needling him twice a day and monitoring his food. He went down hill quite quickly and was in the Vets for 3 days on a drip, due to being dehydrated. He's back with us now but I don't think for long. He's also in the throes of Renal Failure. He's been the best cat. I'm going to miss him when he goes. So in the mean-time he's being pampered and loved while he sends us into bankruptcy. Meanwhile, his brother, Rangi is getting bigger by the day. They've swapped roles as Cooch's nickname was Fatty. Now Rangi (Muffin)'s has earned the new nickname of Tank LOL!

Finally. COVERS!! It's been a stop and start couple of months with covers. I've managed to snag some work with a new publisher, but more on that another time. I feel like I've done a load of covers but with little to show for it. I usually wait for the Publisher to release the cover before I show it here, hence the long periods between posts :D

Anyway, here are the latest for Total-E-Bound ...

and Liquid Silver Books ...

That's it for this post. I'm off to tend my garden and plant my Lavenders :D