Thursday, 29 May 2008

Taking Control

Taking Control by Jamie Hill. Coming soon to Total-E-Bound.
Jennifer Steele is plagued by memories of a violent crime. Desperate to pull herself together, she's dealt another blow when her boss hires a new employee for her bank branch. It's Jen's job to do the hiring, and she'd never have chosen a man so handsome—and arrogant. T.K. Knight is a striking part Native American who seems more at home on a ranch than in an office. Jen's not completely sure of his motives, but can't resist his charm or the pure lust that takes over whenever he's around. When Jen discovers T.K. might not have been placed in her office by chance, their already heated situation gets even hotter. The truth can be hard to face, but Jen finds she has to take control of the past, to make way for the future.

Two stock images in this cover. Actually three if you count the background on the back cover which isn't shown here. I guess I could always post the cover flats. We'll see how I'm feeling LOL!

I've had this couple for a while and have actually used him in another cover. It was nice to be able to re-use an image. I don't do that very often so it was a saving on my part LOL.

I darkened his skin a smidge to give him that swarthy Native American feel. I can't believe the amount of covers I've had lately requiring a Native American hero. The stock is soooo hard to find. This fellow is more European than Native but he's dark so that saves having to change hair colours, etc.

The Bank Vault door is pretty obvious, considering the story is about a bank.

The stock situation is really starting to bug me. I've been in the search for a sexy guy on a Motorbike this week. Who'd have thought it could be so hard? Oh of course there are some images available but as you can imagine they've all been well and truly used by other artists/publishers. I swear someone out there needs to start up a stock image site that caters purely to the e-book publishing industry. Oooh could you imagine a whole site with a plethora of gorgeous people all themed out to the max - cowboys, vampires, bikers, pirates, guys & gals who actually look smoulderingly dangerous *sigh*. I could so do dangerous atm but that's another blog ;)

God I'm so tempted to do a photography course and start up my own site LOL! Yeah, like I'd have the time to do that. Anyway, I don't know if my husband could cope with all the beautiful people hanging around. Certainly wouldn't see me complaining ;)

Sunday, 25 May 2008

*sigh* ...

Have you ever been totally consumed by a book or series of books? So consumed that you dread seeing those final pages creeping up on you, knowing full well that last handful are purely blurbs of other books, past and present. So consumed that returning to the ‘real world’ has you almost hyperventilating to the point where you just want to curl up into a fetal position and hide beneath the sheets.

So consumed that a level headed person such as yourself is praying that all things Paranormal really did exist and that bad boy Vampire warrior would honest to god, end up on your doorstep?

Yep. I’m in one of those spirals ATM. I have been in between books, eagerly waiting my next book in my Sookie Stackhouse series. Yep. The one where I’d purchased book 7 but not book 6. Anyway, for some reason I picked up my JR Ward Black Dagger Brotherhood books again out of sheer boredom. Not really thinking I’d get so absorbed this time considering I’d already read them. Wrong.

I swear my husband thinks I’m having an affair, I’ve been so tuned out. I’ve read 5 books in about 3 days. Not good on my poor old eyes but I just can’t put these books down. I’ve totally zoned out and am walking around in a daze. A horrible, yearning, resentful daze. I know it’s not healthy. Here I thought my depression was under control. Perhaps not.

Pathetic. Really, really pathetic.

Strange thing is I have the sudden urge to write too. I don’t have a story in my head. Just the urge to write. I could go back to my poor old WIP’s and see what I can do to those but I’ve hashed and rehashed those so many times I don’t know if I’m coming or going anymore. I don’t have the staying power that’s required for writing. I used to have lots of ideas and images racing around my head. It’s like someone’s pulled the plug. Dead. Gone. Kaput!

Sometimes it’s just easier to read what someone else writes, isn't it?

Yeah. Not a good place today. Tomorrow will be better. I hope.