Sunday, 12 July 2009

Covers and Bits and Bobs ...


Geez! How long has it been since I've posted anything here. Here are the latest covers. There are a couple waiting to be put up on the publishers websites, so I'll wait till they are up before I post them here. Silk & Shadows would be my favourite cover in this group. Oh and the guy's hair is actually my daughters hair LOL!

Things have slowed down a bit unfortunately. I really need to approach a few more publishers. The few I have approached have not responded to my emails, so I guess I just keep plugging away. Sending emails and hoping for a response.

Anyway, to fill in my spare time, I've gotten back into my gardening which is a fantastic excuse to get away from the clutches of the computer. I'm thoroughly enjoying the experience although with it being winter here in AUS things are a bit slow to get going.

I've just put in a big order with Diggers Seeds (passionfruit, comfrey, Beneficial Insect Attracting collection, blueberries, zucchini, pyrethrum, cucumber, capsicum, beans, spring onions, nasturtium, bortolli beans and an heirloom lettuce mix). I'm so excited I can't wait till they arrive. I'm also considering getting a few layer hens for the yard. A couple of Sussex and Wyandotte's would suit us nicely. I like the idea of the pure breed hens. While they don't lay as prolifically as the hybrids they do lay over a longer time span (6-7 years instead of 3-4).

Now I just have to build a coop and run for the girls which will be an interesting experience LOL.