Saturday, 7 July 2012


Blogger have once again changed the way they do things and I am having trouble trying to upload images in a presentable fashion. Can no longer work out how to put a few covers side by side. They're ending up in one long endless stream which annoys me. I haven't had the time to really sit down and focus but I'm starting to think it may be better to post my cover images through a web page.

Will have to have a think.

Friday, 20 January 2012

Welcome 2012

WOW! Can't believe my last post was in September last year. How time flies.

Well I guess I should start this post off with 'HAPPY NEW YEAR!!' Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year, ate lots, caught up with family and loved ones and most importantly stayed safe.

As you can see in my last post my lovely old cat Cooch was not well. I'm sad to say that we had to have him put down not long after. We miss him dearly and so does his brother, Rangi. We've buried him in the yard and planted an Apple tree beside him. Hubby even got a little plaque made up, which we've mounted on a rock.

Here lies Cooch 'Fatman'
February 99 - September 11
Loved and Missed by Family

RIP big boy.

Now our latest news is that we've rescued two new kittens. They were advertised for free in the local paper. A farmer had 3 female cats dumped on his property and it turned out two of them were pregnant. I was surprised he kept the cats, but he said they were good 'ratters'. Anyway, he didn't want to be over-run with cats so he advertised the babies. He said he could have sent them to the RSPCA but thought, why make people pay for them. Still it probably would have been better for them, as they would have at least been vaccinated and desexed before being released on the world. Still I respect his kindness towards these little critters.

So welcome Gizmo and Maggie! And welcome Ringworm!! OMG who knew a couple of kittens could cause so much trouble. We were all covered in Ringworm (fungal skin condition) thanks to these little darlings. The kids were so bad they had to go on Medication. Hubby and I got bye with the Anti-fungal cream. But geez, talk about hard to get rid of.

Luckily my Vet lives just across the road and we were able to get them into the Clinic quick smart. Tableting two little kittens wasn't much fun, but we managed (after about 6 weeks!!) to clear it all up. Vaccinations and worming are all up to date and next on the agenda - De-sexing! Starting to think it would have been cheaper to get them from the RSPCA after all LOL!

Aaanyway ... COVERS! This should bring me up to date with the latest releases.

Total-E-Bound ...

Liquid Silver Books ...

Red Sage Publishing ...

and last but not least I've managed to pick up some work with
Samhain Publishing ...

So that's about it from me. Lots more covers in the pipeline. Hoping to do some before and afters perhaps (thanks for the idea Emmy!). So I'll leave you with a Happy Australia Day from us here Down Under ....

or .. not so happy! Actually it's damn miserable LOL!