Sunday, 8 June 2008

The Harder they Come

The Harder they Come coming soon to Total-E-Bound!!

The Harder they Come by Kaenar Langford.

Yay!! It took some mucking about but I finally found my biker. Oh, I'm sure he's been well and truly used around the publishing houses, but he was all I could afford LOL!

He comes as is. I chopped off his thumb, which stuck out like a .. well, a sore thumb I suppose you could say. I think Claire asked me if he was holding a spoon or something in his hand LOL! So, off it went. I then added his luscious long hair to get our bad-boy, younger man biker.

The bike I had from a previous cover (yay! I'm finally starting to re-use some stock). I'd saved it as a PNG file so that I didn't have to cut it out from the background again. I do that with anything that I cut out - people, objects, backgrounds. Just in case I need to use them again.

The Cafe in the background took a bit of searching. I had a picture in my head of what I wanted, but of course that just doesn't exist, but this one worked out surprisingly well.

So, yep. After the initial mucking about and three covers later. This was the winner.

Thanks everyone for your support on my Writing post. As it turns out I haven't had much time to sit down and focus this past week. I've had some covers come in, but hopefully I can get onto it and start trying to get myself organised this week. I'll keep you updated.


Amarinda Jones said...

You are so talented. I could never do that as I have no patience...oh and of course talent.

barbara huffert said...

Wow, another awesome cover! I love when you explain how you do things. Since I'm totally lacking in any sort of that kind of talent, I'm amazed.

kaenar said...

I am so delighted with the cover, Lyn. You have done an amazing job of showing the saucy style of the book. Thanks for all the hard work you put into giving me such a great cover for The Harder They Come.

Kaenar Langford
Tales to seduce and entice...

LynTaylor said...

Thanks ladies :D Always a pleasure Kaenar :D