Sunday, 3 August 2008

Send Me An Angel!!


Send Me An Angel by Alysha Ellis.

Yum-o! LOL!

A nice straight forward cover with minimal stock. It's quite striking but that could just be the blue/white theme. Oh and the God-like model on the front! Ha ha ..

Anyway, it was pretty simple, despite being the second version. Just for something a little different I'll attach a copy of my initial idea. As you can see the theme is quite similar

So only three pieces of stock in this cover. Background, man and wings.

The wings were just a cut and past with a bit of softening and 'Fluffing' around the edges with the smudge tool.

The original model had a necklace on which I had to paint out. I'm not 100% happy with it, because I can still see where I painted. Of course others possibly wouldn't notice .. but now that I've brought your attention to it .... LOL!

Oh and Alysha I hope that drool didn't effect your keyboard! LOL! I'm glad you liked it though :D

Sorry things have been a bit slow on here lately. I've been a bit distracted by real-life LOL. There are a couple of covers in the pipeline and my next batch will hopefully be sent through to me any day now. So more covers to come soon. Thanks for being patient with me :D


Amarinda Jones said...

I like it - love all your stuff - but he is too perfect. He needs a scar or a tatt or something...maybe I am just into scars and tatts at the moment...hmmm...

Claudious said...

I think it's a great cover, you're amazing at what you do Lyn! I like the balance you've made with light, sky, and left to right on the cover, I lean towards your initial idea because I like the offset... but I don't think it does it justice. Look forward to seeing the covers you have in the pipeline, let me know if you need a hand.