Friday, 25 April 2008


It was ANZAC day here in Aus today. A very special day for all Australians and even more so for those of us who had loved ones in the forces.

I've had a long day and it's late so I don't have the patience to put a moving blog together. Amarinda has done that for me, so drop by her blog as few could have done a better job.

My Grandfather fought at Gallipoli. He was an ANZAC. He survived. I don't know how but he did. He died the year I was born so I never got to meet him but I am ever so proud.

Cheers Pop!


This was a pic from last years ANZAC parade. A much nicer day and my camera was working better then.


Amarinda Jones said...

That's the thing that gets me - how did they survive?

LynTaylor said...

I just don't know how AJ. When you think how the British forced the men to jump up out of the trenches, bayonets ONLY and run at the enemy trench. I don't know how ANYONE could survive playing chicken like that. Then the other side would up and have ago. I just can't imagine the emotional and psychological turmoil that would put on a young mind. I can't imagine how a 16 year old BOY could cope with that then come home and get on with his life.