Sunday, 20 April 2008

Where for art thou Muse

Okay, so I'm over my little spat with the computer. I ended up dropping it off at my computer guy. Turns out that my disk drive didn't read DVD's. 'Fix it' I said and it was done. So everything is working (for the time being). Now if I could just find some inspiration I'll be set.

Speaking of Inspiration (aka Muse), well, he's done a runner on me. In other words I don't have any. I've offered to do a banner for someone who wants a Fantasy theme with a hand-painted feel to it. Unfortunately I'm not confident (or good enough for that matter) to digitally paint something so I'll have to do a manipulation and give it that hand painted feel - aka whack a filter over it LOL.

Anyway, the thing is. I can't for the life of me come up with anything. I've dabbled but there's no spark or interest what-so-ever. It's just so hard to come up with something? Why is this?? I'll get a picture in my head but it means a lot of dabbling, learning and general mucking about. I just don't seem to have the time to dedicate to dabbling, learning and mucking about. I don't recall it ever being this hard before. I spend so much time at the computer already, perhaps it's a guilt thing. My mind is constantly telling me to get away from the computer - you're putting on too much weight, you need to move, you need to hang the washing out, you need to do something with the kids, the house is a mess. DO SOMETHING!!!

Ooo .. I did do something this week. I went horse riding with my daughter. Woohoo! We went on a 2 hour bush ride (or trail ride for the non-Aussie folk). It was a bit of fun although I was a bit torn between wanting to go for a nice canter and stick behind with my daughter and be a responsible parent. LOL! I got a bit of both which was nice. The guide, Sue kept an eye on my daughter while I went for a bit of a run. So now my legs are aching but I love it. I missed the feel of being on a horse. It was hard work though. My boy was always so responsive. I basically had to lean forward to go and sit back to stop. He'd turn with the pressure of the reins and to canter I just had to put one foot back a smidge and we'd be off. The trail horses are very much the opposite. You need to boot them to go, pull them to stop and push them every step of the way LOL! Still, it was a bit of fun. I do miss my old boy though.

I did a quick grocery shop at our local IGA (Idependent Grocers of Australia). I like real butter. None of this pretend margarine crap, no matter how good they want to tell me it is for my health. So. I went to grab a spreadable version that we go through at ridiculous speed. $5.18 for a 5oog tub! What the hell? It was only $3.90 not that long ago. Oh-0h, somethings going to have to give.

So this morning I had a bit of a domestic moment. Why don't I make my own butter? So off to the computer I trot to look up recipes for home made butter (yeah I know what's in it, just not how to do it). I really don't know what I'd do without the internet. Honestly! Anyway, I looked to see if there were recipes for home made spreadable butter, which of course there were. So I'm all set now for recipes. This afternoon I'm off to IGA to pick up some heavy cream and have a go at making my own butter. No doubt it will end up more expensive to make than just buying the tub LOL! But what the heck. I'll give it a go and report back.


Amarinda Jones said...

OMG! Home made butter - are you out of your mind or are you going through some crazy pioneer woman phase? Snap out of it - it's 2009 not're scaring me - and the IGA is always more exy - go to Coles or Woolies

Could you do a banner for me that has a pop art feel? We can discuss $$ later of course

barbara huffert said...

Hey I need a banner too.

I can't believe you're really going through all the effort to make plain old, ordinary butter. Fancy butter with some special flavor maybe. But plain butter? I think the last few days fighting with your computer has done something to you. That combined with being on a horse has transported parts of your mind back in time or something.

LynTaylor said...

Yes maybe the computer had me wishing for the good ol' days and the horse riding just tipped me over the edge LOL!