Thursday, 10 April 2008

A Bikers Vow

Another cover has hit the TEB 'coming soon' page.

A Bikers Vow by Carol Lynne is Book 9 in the Campus Cravings series.

This cover required a Harley Davidson on the cover. However, as many of the Bikes available as stock tend to remove the badges (for copyright reasons I presume), it was a bit of a guessing game. I ended up with something that looked 'Harley-ish'. As a reader looking at a cover, a bike is a bike is a bike LOL! I get the idea. If it isn't a Harley I don't think I'd throw the book down in disgust.

Aaaanyway, the Tatts and Piercings were a big part of this cover. Thank goodness the Tattooed male came as is. I really only had to add his long hair and nipple ring. Not that you can really see that. The little fellow at the back was more tricky. He had to be 'small' and slim but well muscled. He also had to have nipple rings and a belly-button piercing. Not much thought process used in these covers as I'm limited by the series template. Just a lot of fiddling to get the characters to look right.

Been a busy month for covers. My publisher/editor at TEB is heading off to a conference so I needed to have the months covers back to her early. I've only got one to go, so I'm on track. I also had to re-do some older covers that will be going to print very soon. Originally I used to create three separate files (cover, spine, back) instead of the one cover-spread that I do now. So I just had to pull all the parts together into one file. It was all pretty straight forward thank goodness :D

And as you can all see I've been getting my Blogger account back up to date. I think I've worked out the kinks and I've managed to add some personal touches. Thanks so much to Amarinda Jones for helping me with the slideshow!!

I'll be working on some banners that I've promised people once all the covers are out of the way. I haven't forgotten ladies!! :D


Amarinda Jones said...

As always - love the cover - you talented possum you - the tattoo looks like the same from Unbreakable - must be a common one

LynTaylor said...

Yeah. The tribal tattoo's all tend to look a bit alike after a while :D

Ashley Ladd said...

Great cover. What program(s) do you use to create these?

LynTaylor said...

Thanks Ashley :D I use Photoshop for my covers & artwork. Actually, my new Photoshop CS3 (latest version) is on it's way in the mail as I speak. I'm so excited.