Monday, 7 April 2008

Pleasing the Messenger

Oooh ... that was quick! Pleasing the Messenger cover has been released over at TEB.


melting-the-minerals-cover-reduced.jpg daring-the-underworld-reduced.jpg tempting-the-law-cover-artwork-reduced.jpg

Pleasing the Messenger by C.S. Chatterly is Book Three in the Uniform Behaviour series. Can you tell? LOL. I am hoping this is it for the series because I'm starting to have trouble finding suitable male faces. The hardest part of being a cover artist is finding stock. Then to add to my stock woes is my personal taste. All these guy's I find extremely attractive. Yes. There were other men in suitable poses but I just couldn't bring myself to use them because they didn't appeal to my taste. Sad really. But that is how the cookie crumbles. *sigh* One day I'll get myself a good camera and perhaps (perhaps) hire a couple of models to create my own personal stock. Stock that hasn't been used to death.

Anyway, back to the cover. Took a little while to find the male model. The first guy I had was a bit young but Claire and I managed to scrape up this handsome young fellow. Hmm .. nice jawline.

Then came the battle to find a suitable scene on the bottom. The story is set during an ice storm in Eastern Texas. I tried to keep the terrain as realistic as possible, hence a Texas mountain image (mind you I have no idea if there are mountains in Eastern Texas) Ah the joys of artistic license LOL!. Unfortunately no sign of ice/snow but I guess we can't have it all. Right? :D Anyway, I think it works well for the series. Two covers with the 'snow' effect would have been too much I think.

Well. I'm off to try and come up with a worthy Blog entry for Hitting the Hot Spot on Sunday. OMG! I have no idea what I'll blog about. Well, covers of course. Duh! But in what context, I'm not yet sure. Any ideas?

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