Monday, 7 April 2008

Port Stephens & Sensual Spell

I'm back! Had a very nice time. The house we stayed in was right on the bay. Here's my lazy attempt at a panoramic view LOL. I took looking out from the back door. Unfortunately it was the day we were leaving and the weather was crappy - typical! Every other day had been gorgeous. But you get the idea.

Salamander Bay

We fed the pelicans, watched the dolphins, went swimming, got sunburnt *rolls eyes*, ate well, drank well. *sigh* Yes. We had a good time :D It is good to be home though. I was a bit over the upheaval of all this recent travel.

Aaanyway, so back to the real world. I've just punted the kiddies off to school and preschool. Hallelujah and pass the gin! Would you believe they almost didn't make it. Of course with all the rain we've been having here the bridge went under last night (flooded). It was lapping at the bridge when I drove the kids over this morning. Goes to show how desperate I am to get them out of my hair! LOL. Yeah, I know. I'm not much of a mother. Hubby and Grandpa are over on the 'other side' so it's not like I've just dumped them and headed for the hills ;)

I have another four covers lined up with TEB so I'll be working on those this week. In between trying to track down a new vanity for the bathroom :D YAY!! OH, and it seems hubby is feeling rather generous at the moment (must have been the week off work ;)) He's ordered me some new flooring from our shop! At the moment we've got old lino (or Linoleum for non Aussies) in the kitchen/dining and filthy, filthy carpet in the lounge.

With two kids endlessly vomiting, spilling red drink and many other things, drawing, traipsing mud in well you can imagine what it looks like. It's to the point where I'm too embarrassed to have someone come in and professionally clean it. And then there's the nice little flea ecosystem that has set itself up in there, thanks to our two cats. Yes carpet, it's time to GO!

So life is good or will be, once the work is done :D

Alright I have a new cover just released as 'Coming soon' over at TEB ...

Sensual Spell

Sensual Spell by Rachel Carrington - I enjoyed this cover and it came together pretty easily. This is pretty much what I had in mind from the start, although the heart sparkles are looking a bit weak now that I look at it. Still, I think it's effective :D It really is getting hard to find stock models with expression on their face. This woman is what I wanted, cocky, sure of herself, cheeky and content (well, who wouldn't be considering what's in her arms). Most of the stock models look like they've had an overdose of Botox. Ugh! I'd better not bore you with my 'stock' gripes.

Well it's pouring down again so it's not looking good for 'kid free' time over the next few days. Then again, if they get stuck over the 'other side' with dad & grandpa ... well, let's just say that I won't be too heartbroken ;)

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