Monday, 7 April 2008

Happy Easter!!

First things first ... HAPPY EASTER!! (yes I'm a bit late for the Aussies)


Just whipped this up because I couldn't find a suitable image on google LOL!

Oh, and get a load of this!!! The Belgian chocolate made the chocolate egg with at least 50.000 bars.The egg measured 8.32m high.Twenty-six craftsman worked altogether 525 hours to build the easter egg. They needed 1950 kg of chocolate.Alderman Urbain Vercauteren of the city of St.Niklaas said the egg wasn't meant to be eaten.He said: "After a week outside in all weather conditions, I don't think it would be very tasteful."

So, now that we've indulged ourselves, I can tell you that not much happening in my small part of the world. I've done my covers for the month but they're just taking their time being released. I'll post them here as soon as they're released over at TEB.

School Holidays are looming in a few weeks. Don't know how I'm going to entertain the kiddies. Luckily my son will still be attending Preschool for his 3 days a week. The idea crossed my mind to head off to Sydney for a week, but it's such an upheaval with all the packing and the 5+ hour drive down there. It's hard when it's just me in the car as my son still get's a bit car sick. Although he is quicker to grab the 'chuck bucket' these days.

So I might take my daughter horse riding and shopping. Maybe we'll visit the movies and she's been mentioning Ice Skating but I'm not sure how my old bones would hold up to that LOL!

Speaking of my daughter, she had a sleepover at her cousin's last night so I'd better head over and pick her up before she wears out her welcome. Oh, and I must drop in and apologise to my neighbour as I forgot to set my alarm this morning (6am) for our morning walk. It was nice to sleep in though ;)

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